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Well Does He or Does’t He? Pander, I Mean.

By , February 16, 2012 11:10 am

So on my Twitter feed this morning, I read this:

David F. Mitchell @dfmitchell330 @EdMorrissey [Romney] just panders to everybody all the time. While he’s criticizing Rick, he’s “considering” him for VP. Story of his career!

And just a couple of Tweets later, I find Byron York saying:

Byron York @ByronYork Seeking votes in Michigan, Romney says Massachusetts is home.


Byron York @ByronYork Romney is asked: ‘Tigers or Red Sox?’ Answer: ‘Oh, Red Sox, I’m afraid. I’ve lived in Massachusetts for how many years now? Forty years.’

Who’s right? If you’re pandering, you’re going with the Tigers in Michigan. If you’re pandering, you’re not saying you call Massachusetts home when you’re seeking the votes of Michiganders, especially when you could truthfully call Michigan home. And didn’t Romney speak out against subsidies in Iowa and fail to Gingrich on the space program in Florida? Has he ever said something that sounded like pandering? Certainly. Was it actually pandering on Romney’s part or wishful thinking on his critics’s part?

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