Now, Now Guys . . .

By , August 27, 2013 11:24 am

So I was involved in a little tit for tat last night and this morning on Facebook. Kind of a he said, he said thing, only all our Facebook friends could read what he said about what I said and what I said about what he said and so on. And the rhetoric became heated as rhetoric can on Facebook.

And then a mutual friend who had been observing the back and forth spoke up.

Greg, Rodger. Please. You are both intelligent, thoughtful people, and my friends. I enjoy these discussions, but not this one.

And that’s all it took. I shut up (okay, I didn’t shut up, but I started posting about other things) and Roger went his way. And our little Facebook corner of the world was peaceful for a moment or two–or three. Who knows?

Which reminded me of one of my proudest moments as a father. My son David was a student at Timpview High School in Provo, Utah and a member of the track team. Among other things, he put the shot.

Well, one evening a bunch of parents and I were standing around the shot put area as our sons competed. Must have been 10 or more of us. And there was this kid in the ring, and he foot faulted and let loose a string of profanities.

Nobody said anything.

Next time he was in the ring, same thing. Foot fault, profanity–F-words, S-words, and other words.

Nobody said a thing.

Next time, same fault, same flurry. But this time someone finally had had enough.

David. My son. He called the kid on his language. Told him to clean it up or go home.

And that was that. Peace reigned in our little corner of the world for a moment or two–or three. Who knows?

The power of one. In most circumstances, that’s all the power we need.

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