Growing Old Without Growing Stodgy

By , May 25, 2012 11:15 am

I just finished reading a blog post by Eric Samuelson that may have changed my life for the better. I grew up in the 60s, a particularly great decade for music, what with the Beatles, Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, Stones, and Cream, and that’s just in the world of rock ‘n roll. Sadly, I’ve held my nose high ever since, especially during the Disco beat of the horrible 70s. Though Disco had a great beat and was easy to dance to, I chose instead to follow the careers of Neil Young and Van Morrison. My musical tastes were and have continued to be stuck on repeat. That’s not to say that I don’t listen to other music. My father exposed me to jazz, a music I love. I can probably name as many jazz artists as I can rock or folk. I also love classical music, including opera. I listen to a lot of Brazilian and French music. But even there I tend to stay stuck in the past.

Just yesterday I was thinking how little I knew about the current music scene–and I felt a sense of pride in that, if you can imagine. Samuelson’s post slapped me awake. In fact, I just created a new Pandora station for Arcade Fire, a group he mentioned. So far I’ve listened to Keep the Car Running and Black Mirror from their album Neon Bible. I don’t know that I find them so interesting as Samuelson does, but at least I know who they are, and frankly, they’re not bad–and I’m not so stodgy anymore.

The Evolution of Flip Flopper

By , May 10, 2012 2:38 pm

President Obama famously announced yesterday that his position on flip flopping on same-sex marriage had changed evolved. Now, according to him, same-sex marriage is okeydokey.

I have no argument with him. I mean, he did promise change. What I object to is the press’s framing of the momentous moment. In other words, what’s with the word “evolve” and do other politicians hereinafter get to gather under its protective umbrella? Obama’s challenger, Mitt Romney, for example?

If I should turn blue, don’t try the Heimlich maneuver on me. I’m simply holding my breath until that happens.

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