Here’s to Appreciating a Man Who Gracefully Wears His Religion on His Sleeve

By , March 1, 2011 9:23 pm

This story about Professor Clayton Christensen in Forbes magazine is impressive in no small part because the world-renown professor so effortlessly, so guilelessly shares the story of his battles with diabetes, a heart attack, cancer, and a stroke, aided by a great family and the strong conviction that God has and has had a plan for him.

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  1. Thanks for the interesting 2:30 A.M. reading. I first heard the name of Clayton Christensen from my favorite missionary companion. He was her high school beau. We had a lot of “down time” traipsing on dirt roads in the mountains of western NC, so I was interested in hearing all about him. She told me about his mother and all the hours spend helping her stuff envelopes for this and than candidate. Clayton got engaged while we were still missionaries. Becky married 18 years later to a guy she dated for 17 years, had two sets of twins in short order, and then subsequently lost that husband to cancer. She’s an anthropology professor at the U. Her life has been less glamorous than Clayton’s. This guy is also a friend of my brother’s. I’ll send him this link.

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