Guess Who?

By , February 20, 2012 11:29 am

Who wrote this:

“. . . farmers are also digging and planting corn and other crops that will be turned into ethanol that can replace gasoline in our cars. Most cars in America can’t run on ethanol, however, so who is going to install ethanol pumps at the gas station without the cars to run on it? At this point I would say to all of my hard-core conservative friends: Hold on to your hats.

“What we need is a government mandate! We need to mandate that all cars sold in the United States, starting with the 2010 model year, be ‘flex-fuel vehicles’ – that is, they should be able to run on a blend that is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline (the so-called E85 blend), or even a coal-derived methanol/gas mixture. This mandate would cost a fraction of the new fuel economy standard with the added benefit of saving barrels more oil.”

For the answer, we go to the name under the title of the piece:

So, he’s for “smart” mandates–of course. He’s just against health insurance mandates, especially if they’re mandated in Massachusetts and if Romney’s behind them. Or Obama.

HT Andrew Kacsyinski at BuzzFeed.

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