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If you had to trust one of these individuals to take care of your personal affairs . . .

By , February 28, 2012 3:31 pm

Blogger Ann Althouse asked that question in a poll that gave all the current Republican presidential candidates and President Obama as potential choices:

Now I’d characterize Althouse as an agnostic on the Republican candidates, though I’m guessing she’d vote Romney, push come to shove. She voted for Obama in 2008. Those who comment on her blog, and there are a lot of them, seem to disparage Romney much more than they praise him. Some are not fans at all. I’d wager that 75% of them have claimed they would vote for someone else in an election; many of them that they would vote Democrat. All this, by the way, is just my impression as one who reads her blog and the comments regularly. Of course, it is possible that a bunch of Romney fans flooded the poll, though I doubt it. Ann gets plenty of traffic on her own; certainly, enough people drop by daily to account for the number of votes in the poll. That said, here are the results:

Now be honest. You would have voted for Romney in that poll as well, wouldn’t you? Now, who are you going to vote for as president? If your answer is anyone other than Romney, why?

UPDATE (8.22.12):

I just re-posted this on Facebook and in re-reading it, I noticed a contradiction in what I wrote vis a vis what’s in the poll. I’ve fixed that problem. Changes are in bold.

Best Blog Post of the Year

By , May 9, 2011 9:24 am

By Ann Althouse.

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